Immensely help the selection of working stock dogs that stock men and women require.,

Highlight the significance that high quality practical working stock dogs contribute to sheep and cattle work, in the livestock industry throughout Australia.

Create a far greater ‘gene pool’ availability for breeding high quality practical working stock dogs than individual attempts, due to a national approach.

Honour the prestige deserved to stock men and women who achieve with highly assessed dogs in Society trials.

Highlight the cost effective benefits and the improved welfare of those sheep and cattle handled by such practical working stock dogs.

Increase awareness of the potential that practical working stock dogs can attain, due to the challenging Society trials.

Help create a far reaching and compatible relationship with other stock dog people and associations.

Create a wide public interest and appreciation of the contribution that ‘all-round utility stock dogs’ give to the livestock industry of Australia, due to the Society’s promotional campaigns.

Most importantly, accelerate the improvement of high quality practical working stock dogs.

 The Society tests and honours the brilliance of ‘utility’ stock dogs and their handlers to enrich the Australian livestock industry

‘All-round Utility Stock Dogs’

The essential natural traits of practical working stock dogs are tested and highlighted in the Society’s trials with both sheep and cattle work

Long searching casts and mustering

Paddock and obstacle work

Yard work

Cattle handling

Assessments of working stock dogs’ abilities and merit have a major influence upon the selection of future champions

 ‘To foster both the improvement in excellence and the continuance of High Quality Practical Working Stock Dogs’