President’s Report

AUSDS Inc. President’s Report 2017/2018

Undoubtedly, the most significant happening over the last 12 months was the running of the AUSDS Inc. ‘Stock Dog Challenge’ at Holbrook NSW on 8th April 2018. Apart from being successful, it was a consolidation of what the Society is about. A special thanks to Hamish and Abby Paton for the venue and stock used. Congratulations to Adam James from Coolac NSW in coming 1st and 3rd working ‘Myamba Moss’ and ‘Yarrabee Scout’ respectively, and to Jake Nowlan from Bigga NSW in coming 2nd working ‘RM’. Thanks to all competitors for their support, to the volunteers and sponsorship. Without the help and the contributions made, the event would not have been the success it was. Due to there being no stock cartage costs, a small profit of $17. 34 was made.

The AUSDS Inc. Facebook page and the website have contributed greatly to the Society’s wider coverage and acknowledgements – the majority being positive ‘likes’.

Welcome to new Members: Melissa Harper, Tooborac Vic; Robert Henderson, Cowra NSW; Deborah Maxwell, Guyra NSW; Hamish Paton, Morven NSW; and Greg Walton, Mulgoa NSW.

Thanks for the continuing support from: Secretary Miss Lesleigh Wright; Treasurer Pam Vickery; and the Committee Members – Lawson Gulliver, Les Hall, Andrew Newell, Tully Williams and Kevin Wilson. It is through these dedicated people that so much has been achieved throughout the year.

Other Achievements:                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Secretary’s email address; Registrar’s email address; ‘One Drive’ cloud back-up for computer documents; AUSDS Inc. Certificate of Stud Prefix Registration; Differentiate between verified and unverified in the AUSDS Inc. Dog Registration Application Form; AUSDS Inc. Rules (Constitution) changes and approved by the Department of Justice and Regulations (CAV) for: i) Replace Rule No 15. Disciplinary Action; and ii) Rule No 26. delete the word Senior, only retain Vice President; Delete evaluations from all documents as it is considered too subjective (assessments are more definitive and accepting); Establishment of documents for AUSDS Inc. Office Bearers Roles ; Added description of: i) ‘Green Group’ with Force and Hold Obstacles (sheep); ii) ‘Red Group’ with Heading Obstacles (sheep); and iii) ‘Blue Group’ with Force and Hold with Pen Obstacles (sheep); Descriptive document AUSDS Inc. Judging System for Facebook and website; Descriptive document AUSDS Inc. Trials – Summary for Facebook and website.

Being a member of the Australian Federation for Livestock Working Dogs, I as a delegate of the Society, attended a meeting that discussed the national concern of LWDs being connected to the ‘Puppy Farms Pet Shops’ regulations. Towards the end of 2017, the Vic. State Government released a statement of reprieve that; ‘Farm Dogs’ are exempt – hoping this outcome will spread nation-wide?

‘Try-Out’ days have not eventuated during the last 12 months. I consider they can be beneficial in various ways by giving inexperienced dogs and handlers ‘a-go’ during an enjoyable and social day, and for recruiting and obtaining experience for Judges. There is a newly proposed format for Score Cards on the agenda which, hopefully, will ease the concept of giving a score out of a maximum allocation. It should also help in educating and recruiting Judges – which is critical.

Committee Meetings held during the last year have involved Committee Members being present with phone hook-ups at times. Amongst many of the discussions and decisions made, some Trial Rules have been added and others upgraded. I encourage everyone to look at the website from time to time to keep abreast of Society documents and issues.

*NB Foundation issues can only be changed by an ‘absolute majority’ of the Committee Members, but any Member input is welcomed.

Animal Welfare and Biosecurity continue to escalate as major threats to running trials, so the Society must remain vigilant. It is important to run another ‘Stock Dog Challenge’ in the near future in order that enthusiasm remains high. A venue with stock, and major sponsorship is required. The Society needs your help and positive suggestions.

I have been privileged in being the President for the AUSDS Inc. over the last 12 months – thanks.

Once again: The Society is for the betterment of the working stock dog.

With Respect,

(Rod Cavanagh)                      30 /6/2018


AUSDS Inc. President’s Report 2016/2017

Once again, I am privileged and honoured to report on the yearly activities of the Australian Utility Stock Dog Society Inc. “Fostering Excellence in Breeding Practical ‘Utility’ Stock Dogs” is such a great challenge. The Society’s foundation blocks are solid, with the Aim, Purpose and Objectives progressing at a pleasing and achievable rate.

So much has happened during the last 12 months including three enjoyable ‘Try-Out’ days at; Mike Deppeler and Jude Houghton’s property at Condah Vic.; Lynda Gedde’s property at Maindample Vic.; and Andrew and Wendy Newell’s property at Woorndoo Vic. Such events are critical in formulating a proposed official trial later on this year.

A warm welcome is extended to new Members; Pam Vickery, Jeff Glover and Lawson Gulliver; and appreciation is extended to newly appointed Secretary, Lesleigh Wright, and Treasurer Pam Vickery.

I thank the Committee for being so zealous with activities – following is a list of achievements:
AUSDS Inc. Dog Register (and Rules)
AUSDS Inc. Trial Rules
AUSDS Inc. Assessments and Evaluations for Practical ‘Utility’ Stock Dogs
AUSDS Inc. Judging Guidelines                                                                                                                                                                                    Website
Public Liability Insurance
AUSDS Inc. Template for Trial Courses and Scoring
AUSDS Inc. Score Cards
Email address
Fees set for; Dog Registration, Dog Transfer, Stud prefix Registration, Trial protests, Memberships etc.
AUSDS Inc. Dog Registration Application form
AUSDS Inc. Dog Transfer forms
Delegates appointed for the Domestic Animal Amendment (Puppy Farm and Pet Shop) Bill 2016
AUSDS Inc. joined as a member of the Australian Federation for Livestock Working Dogs(AFLWD)
AUSDS Inc. Dog Lease Agreement form
AUSDS Inc. Dog Certificate of Registration
AUSDS Inc. Dog Pedigree form                                                                                                                                                                                        AUSDS Inc. Dog Service Certificate
AUSDS Inc. Stud Prefix Application form
How AUSDS Inc. Trials are Run and Conducted
AUSDS Inc. Group Obstacles

The Committee has also adopted and confirmed:
Another Trial Rule to curtail any viciousness towards sheep (public accountability)
Foundation Issues can only be changed or finalised by an ‘absolute majority’ of the Committee
AUSDS Inc. Strategies 3. the word ‘allocating’ was changed to ‘giving’ for differentiation
AUSDS Inc. Template and AUSDS Inc. Score Cards have been amended by various degrees
Judging of Society Trials to persist with allocating/giving points for accreditations (as is in place)

However, not all things go to plan. Two foundation Committee Members were unable to continue in their role, and the Society miss both Lauren Hooper and Mike Deppeler’s valued opinions and contribution. Thanks to Andrew Newell for fulfilling a vacancy and to Lauren for her short term fulfilment.

I consider that 2016/2017 has been extremely productive for the Society and is excitingly close to offering purpose and stability to those stock and stock dog men and women who depend on livestock working dogs for their livelihood. With confidence, the Society should continue towards a successful future.

We must always be mindful – the Society is for the betterment of the working stock dog.

With Respect,

(Rod Cavanagh) 27/7/2017


AUSDS Inc. President’s Report 2015/2016

Out of serious concern for the future of the ‘all-round utility stock dog’, came the inception of a national body – the Australian Utility Stock Dog Society Inc. The inaugural meeting was held on the 24th June 2015 at Creswick, Victoria.

Foundation Members, Committee and Office Bearers could not be a more appropriate and finer group of people. Thank you for working so cohesively together – it has created much good will and enjoyment.

A great deal has been achieved during the Society’s first year:

Incorporation was granted with the backing of a solid and sound Constitution
Essential Natural Traits for High Quality Practical Working Stock Dogs
was adopted for its comprehensiveness, as the premise and bench mark for stock dogs working cattle and sheep – Aiming at ExcellenceStrategies were sorted out as a base to launch achievements from                                                                                                              Code of Conduct has been implemented
The Logo was designed and adopted and the Slogan “Fostering Excellence in Breeding Practical ‘Utility’ Stock Dogs” is so applicable
Information Leaflets are available and are being distributed
The Letter Head/Cover Sheet, along with Membership Application forms, Membership Renewal forms and the Register of Members, have all been established
‘Utility’ sheep trials and ‘cattle handling’ trials are under experimentation with optional designs to suit various degrees of difficulty for different categories of dog and handler ability
A couple of ‘Try-Out’ days at Kevin and Kaye Wilson’s and Pam and Dennis Vickery’s properties have been much appreciated
At present, Tully Williams is near to getting the Website up and running
Dog Register, Trial Rules and Assessments and Evaluations for Practical ‘Utility’ Stock Dogs are close to being adopted along with Judging Guidelines for Trials.

Although being hectic at times, these achievements are very gratifying.

There are still many hurdles to cross including public liability insurance, fundraising through sponsorship and donations, promoting the cause of the Society etc. The actual assessment of dogs competing in trials has to eventuate sooner than later, and membership expansion must be strived at, for this will surely be the Society’s future strength.

Encouragement’ to handlers and their dogs is the most critical commodity for the growth of the Society. The general feeling is that enjoyment will be created because of it, but failure is inevitable without it.

The Society must also have a congenial relationship with other stock and stock dog men and women and associations – it is so important. I am positive that this can be achieved, having added benefits to all involved.

The AUSDS Inc. has a definite Aim and Purpose and Objectives. It is not a ‘fun’ organisation. It is not set up to pacify the ‘hobby farmer’ or to appease people’s ‘sporting ideals’, or promote ‘professional correctness’ by handlers at trials. The Society is for the betterment of the working stock dog. We must always be mindful of this.

In conclusion, thanks for allowing me the privilege and honour of being the President of the AUSDS Inc. during its initial year, and I hope, with confidence, that the Society continues towards a successful and bright future.


With respect,


(Rod Cavanagh)            6/7/2016