Foundation of the AUSDS Inc. A0092012P

An idea is born

A general consensus amongst many stock men and women who depend on practical working stock dogs for sheep and cattle work, is that a decline in the proficiency of the ‘all-round utility stock dog’ is occurring and the situation urgently needs reversing.

Also, over recent times, many dogs have become too specialised in their activities and are over commanded – they lack the ability of using their own initiative to collect, control and move stock in practical situations.

It is unthinkable that there is an increasing chance of the ‘all-round utility stock dog’ becoming an endangered species, so it is imperative that something be done.

Essential natural traits for practical working stock dogs have been a topic of conversation over a great period of time, and the complexity of these traits is known to many experienced stock men and women. These essential natural traits are distinctively different, yet compliment and add to one another extensively. A deficiency in any of these traits can greatly affect the working ability of high quality all-round utility stock dogs’.

A meeting, of interested stock and stock-dog men and women, was held on 24th June 2015 at Creswick Vic. It was unanimously decided that the Australian Utility Stock Dog Society Inc. (AUSDS Inc.) be formed, and that a comprehensive account of these essential natural traits be adopted as its premise and bench mark.

The Society is a National stock dog body – Aiming  at  Excellence  –