Dog Register Rules

Definition and Purpose

  1. The Dog Register (AUSDS Inc. Dog Register), is a working stock dog register that enhances the opportunity for breeding and selecting desired dogs from data recorded.
  2. The Dog Register provides for:

(i) Registration of stock dogs, including their known and recognised breeding and background details, regardless of breed
(ii) Registration of stock dog studs with prefixes
(iii) Pedigree Forms
(iv) Registration Certificates
(v) Transfer Forms
(vi) Assessment details of all dogs that compete in Society trials – distinguishes between Society registered dogs that are assessed, and those unassessed.


  1. Name

The Dog Register shall be known as the ‘Australian Utility Stock Dog Society Inc. Dog Register’ (AUSDS Inc. Dog Register) and shall be kept by the Registrar of the Society.

2.   Persons Eligible to Register Dogs

Only Members and Junior Members of the Society shall be entitled to make application for registration of any particulars in the Dog Register, except for Encourage workers. (see Rule No. 3.)

3.   Encourage Workers

Encourage workers need not be Members of the Society, but if they aren’t, there is a limited registration entitlement – they can only, but must, register their dogs that are assessed in ‘Encourage’ trials (see AUSDS Inc. Trial Rules – No. 7. (a)).

4.   Dogs Eligible for Registration

a. All dogs assessed in Society Trials must be registered with the Dog Register, with any known and recognised breeding and background details, including stud prefixes, recorded.
b. Dogs bred from parents registered with the Society’s Dog Register.
c. Dogs registered with other working stock dog bodies (recognised by the AUSDS Inc.).
d. Other dogs which, in the opinion of the Committee (based on a report provided by a Committee approved inspector), are of basic merit and keenness to justify registration, may be registered – ‘on merit’.
e. Dogs may only be registered by their legal owners.
f. Regardless of breed, dogs must be bred for the purpose of working livestock.

5.   Breeders prefix

a. Breeders must register a unique stud prefix for their exclusive use in connection with names of animals bred by them. Prefixes can only be altered by an agreement of the Committee.
b. Stud prefixes must be unique to each breeder throughout Australia, and upon application, a search will be made to ensure such is the case.

6.   Naming of Dogs

a. Each animal submitted for individual registration must be named, and such name must not exceed two words in addition to the breeder’ s stud prefix, which must be used when applicable.
b. Names once used for dogs registered cannot be used again without the addition of a numerical suffix (2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.) and cannot be changed.
c. The name and address of the breeder for each animal must be given.
d. The breeder of the animal is the owner (or lessee) of its dam at the date of its birth.

7.   Transfers

a. The vendor must officially transfer every registered animal sold. Such transfers must be made within two calendar months from date of sale.
b. If a dog is transferred from another recognised association, the owner must ensure the transfer is sent to the Registrar so that the breeding and other details can be filed in their name.
c. In the Dog Register records, dogs remain the property of their AUSDS Inc. registered breeders until such time as official transfer applications are approved.

8.   Forms

a. All transfers, individual registrations etc., must be made on official Society forms, signed and dated by the applicant, obtainable on application from the Registrar free of charge, or via download from the Society’s website.
b. All applications must be accompanied with appropriate fees.

9.   Registration Certificates

On registration of any application, the Registrar shall issue to the applicant a signed certificate of registration. No certificate shall be issued until the appropriate forms are duly completed and the registration fees paid.

10.   Penalties

Any applicant for registration who makes a false statement, or fails or unreasonably delays to give any information or make any notification or return required by the Dog Register Rules, will be refused registration. Other penalties may be applied.

11.   Availability

The Dog Register and excerpts are available to Members on request from the Registrar, accompanied with appropriate fees.

12.   Alteration of Dog Register Rules

Except for fees, which shall be set from time to time by the Committee, these Dog Register Rules can only be altered by special resolution.